Product Commercialization

Partnership with international companies on new product commercialization

Operational Optimization

Focus on international operational excellence, marketing strategy development & sales improvement󠆣

Strategic Consultation

Opportunity assessment, forecasting, scientific and medical communication

We offer…

a unique range of consultancy services

Takami Consulting Group is a privately held world-class strategic consultancy which provides support to clients from the pharmaceutical, nutritional supplement and aquaculture health sectors.

At Takami Consulting Group, we are committed to provide innovation and management advises in the commercialization of new products all over the potential Middle East market.

TCG also offers a unique range of consultancy services that are professionally tailored to the identified medico-marketing needs of the leaders in Pharma, nutrition and aquaculture industries in the Middle East as they seek to enhance their overall presence and upgrade their effectiveness.

Our client service is a combination of our people, rigorous problem solving, and the industry expertise to support market expansion opportunities and flawless execution happen.

We can help you to…

Grow a distinctive product in a developing marketplace

Our expert team can figure out the best strategy to capture growth based on the changing demands of global market place .

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